Welcome Parents!

Serving our Guelph community, we are here to help families by providing the resources you need for you and your family.
We pride ourselves on keeping families connected to each other and their community, by informing them about current parenting news and helpful businesses, sharing local event listings, informative articles, blogs, activities and more.
We only connect you to businesses we trust that can help parents in a meaningful way. Be in the know with all the happenings of Guelph — events, guest speakers, workshops, activities and more.
Peer and community support is a big part of what we do. We will connect you with tools and resources for any difficulty you may be experiencing. We'll provide all the information you need to move forward and overcome it — and if there's no immediate option, we'll find one for you. We can also direct you to in-person or online community support groups within the Guelph community.


Are you a new parent?

Have questions about your child's development or nutrition?

Do you need someone to talk to, or to be connected with support resources?

We'll connect you to Guelph's best professionals and peer groups for any and all of your concerns.


Need a family-friendly way to spend your weekend?

Unsure what to do for your child's PA day?

Looking for a cool new program for your little one?

Look no further.We'll help you fill up your calendar with a range of local events, workshops, activities and more around the city, that will keep you busy all week long.


Need financial or legal advice?

Looking for a family doctor, pregnancy support or a walk-in clinic?

At PRP, we will only advertise companies we know and trust. Curious who we're working with?

Check out our directory of local, credible businesses in Guelph.

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